Leigh, Michael Clint

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Registration Information

Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0042

Registration Date: 30 May 2018

Heraldic Artist: David Wooten

Armiger: Michael Clint Leigh, Washington, USA


Arms of Michael Clint Leigh, Washington, USA

* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are certified by the armiger to be his/her original (or inherited) lawful property.

  • Arms: Gules, a cross engrailed Argent, accompanied in the 1st quarter with a lozenge of the second, all within a bordure Sable charged with eight bezants.
  • Crest: Above the shield is placed a helmet with a mantling Gules doubled Argent and on a wreath of the liveries is set for crest a unicorn's head erased Argent, crined Or.

Design Rationale

These arms were originally registered to the armiger's great grandfather, James John Leigh and have since been inherited by Michael as a direct male line descendant of James.

Private Registration(s)

  • American College of Heraldry, Reg. No. 3925 in 2017.

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