Laird, James D

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Registration Information

Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0088

Registration Date: 24 August 2020

Heraldic Artist: Lee Lumbly

Armiger: Maj. James D. Laird, Mesa, Arizona, USA


Arms of Maj. James D. Laird, Mesa, Arizona, USA

* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are certified by the armiger to be his/her original (or inherited) lawful property.

  • Arms: Or, in bend three feathers bend sinisterways Gules. Above the shield is placed an Helmet befitting his degree, with a mantling Gules Doubles Or.
  • Crest: On a Wreath of the Liveries is set for Crest issuing out of flames Or and Gules a phoenix Gules beaked Or.
  • Badge #1: Per pale three feathers conjoined per fess Gules, encircled by a crown of ancient nobility proper.
  • Badge #2: A Wyvern passant wings endorsed Gules armed Or eyed Or and Sable colored by a crown of ancient nobility proper, Chained Or.

Design Rationale

Three feathers being the badge of the Laird (Chief) of a clan it is a pun on the name of Laird.

Private Registration(s)

  • The American College of Heraldry, #179
  • The Chronicler King of Arms of Spain, Protocola 601985, Folioa 183-185.
  • The Lord Lyon King of Arms, Vol. 53, p. 66 of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearing in Scotland

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