Banks, Paul Randolph

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Registration Information

Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0020

Registration Date: 29 July 2017

Armiger: Paul Randolph Banks of Massachusetts, U.S.A


* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are certified by the armiger to be his/her original (or inherited) lawful property.

  • Arms: Azure three Pallets wavy Argent between Flaunches Or each charged with an ancient Lamp Azure enflamed proper a Sword reversed in Chief an open Book Gules paged Argent trimmed Or.
  • Crest: From a wreath of Argent and Azure a Bear’s Head caboshed Sable langued Gules armed Argent rayonné Or.
  • Motto: Hinc illuminabimur (Hence we shall be enlightened)

Design Rationale

The family name comes from an ancestor who lived by a river. The Azure field and three Pallets Argent and overall Flaunches Or represent that river and its banks. The Armiger was named after St. Paul of Tarsus who is frequently painted with a Sword Gules and/or a red book. His profession is higher education publishing, symbolized by the Lamps and Open Book.

The Bear is his college mascot and he also has a fondness for bears, including a shoulder tattoo. The rayonné Or links the metal in the shield and also represents enlightenment.

The badge is a combination of charges from the Shield and Crest representing that the armiger intends to slay the bear.

Private Registration(s)

  • None
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