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Charles-Dunne, Chas

Registration Information:

  • Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0057
  • Registration Date: 7 January 2019
  • Heraldic Artist: Ljubodrag Grujic
  • Armiger: Chas Charles-Dunne KCEG FSA Scot of The Highlands of Norfolk, UK

* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are hereby Certified by the armiger listed, to be his/her original (or inherited/matriculated) Arms.

Category: International Armigers

Arms as interpreted by Ljubodrag Grujic
Arms as interpreted by Ljubodrag Grujic


Arms:  Gules fretty Argent on a chief wavy Bleu Celeste a rising sun Or.

Crest:  Rising out of a band pierced by 6 fleur-de-lys (3 showing) set with 4 maple leaves (3 showing) Or between 4 thunderbolts Argent enflamed Proper (2 showing) a griffin Bleu Celeste beaked legged winged and ermined in the hind quarters Or armed and langued Gules clutching in the dexter talon an Indian 24 spoke Wheel of Life Azure and in the sinister a Hurt charged with a Plate bearing a Torteau.

Mantling:  Parted per pale to dexter Bleu Celeste doubled Or and to sinister Gules doubled Argent.

Torse:  Or Bleu Celeste Or Gules Argent Gules.

Motto:  Stand and be Counted

Badge:  On a roundel Bleu Celeste a sun radiant throughout Or charged with a Torteau bearing a fret Argent.

Design Rationale:

The shield has no symbolism. The crest alludes to the armiger's land of birth, his career, affiliations and aspirations.

Other Registration(s):

  • 16 May 2013: Registration No. 0264 (Vol.2), The Armorial Register - International Register of Arms.

  • 6 December 2018: Arms Certified by Cronista de Armas de Castilla y León (No. 48/2018).

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