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Xalyrion, Zahktuthal Tyler

Registration Information:

  • Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0123
  • Registration Date: 31 July 2022
  • Armiger: Zahktuthal Tyler Xalyrion of Iowa City, Iowa, USA
  • Heraldic Artist: Mark Henderson

* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are hereby Certified by the armiger listed, to be his/her original (or inherited/matriculated) Arms.

Category: American Armigers

Arms as interpreted by Mark Henderson
Arms as interpreted by Mark Henderson


Arms:  Quarterly Vert and Sable, in the first and fourth a Latin cross bottony Or; in the second and third a lion sejant Or armed and langued Gules.

Crest:  On a wreath of the colors, two olive branches proper supporting an open Bible proper, a Wyvern passant Sable armed and langued Gules clutching a Latin cross bottony Or in the dexter claws.

Mantling  Vert doubled Or.

Motto:  Semper Scientiam Quaerite

Design Rationale:

I am Christian and so an empty cross represents my faith in Christ and His rise from the dead. The olive branch represents that I am a peacemaker or peace keeper at heart. The dragon represents my strong desire to protect and safeguard those I love and care for, values my mother taught to me. The Lion is to represent courage and vigilance, which my father taught to me. I picked the color green because it represents faithfulness in relationships. I chose black because it represents unwavering resolve And I picked gold, because it represents generosity.

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