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Speir, William

Registration Information:

  • Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0106
  • Registration Date: 28 December 2021
  • Armiger: William Speir of Grapevine, Texas, USA

* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are hereby Certified by the armiger listed, to be his/her original (or inherited/matriculated) Arms.

Category: American Armigers

Arms as designed and interpreted by George Shinas


Arms:  Quarterly 1 & 4 per bend Gules and Azure a Bombard Cannon muzzle to chief proper 2 & 3 per bend sinister Sable and Or a grenade flaming proper overall a fillet cross the extremities composed of an unmounted Napoleon Cannon muzzles pointing inwards Argent

Mantling:  Gules doubled Or.

Crest:  From a torse of the mantling a lion rampant Tenne bearing in the sinister paw a flaming torch palewise proper brandishing in the dexter paw a broadsword bend sinister-wise point upwards proper.

Motto:  Per Deum et Ferrum Obtinui (By God and my Sword I have Prevailed)

Design Rationale:

The Gyronny of Eight for the Shield is from my Campbell Heritage. The Gold and Black quarters represent Clan Campbell, and the Red and Blue quarters represent the Royal Artillery. The Flaming Grenades and the Cannons, as well as the "Artillerists Cross" also represent my work with the United States Field Artillery (civilian instructor of antique artillery and author of training manuals on antique muzzle-loading artillery).

The Rampant Lion in the Crest represents my Scottish heritage. The torch represents my work in training, and the sword represents my work with the military.

The use of a Book as the Compartment represents my present career as an author and publisher. The Decorations hanging from the Book represent Ranks achieved from the three Orders I am part of (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Thomas of Acre, Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Hutt River, and Knight Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning of Hutt River).

Other Registration(s):

  • 15 August 2005, Royal College of Heraldry of the Principality of Hutt River (micronation)

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