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Davenport, Charles William

Registration Information:

  • Society of American Armigers Registry No.: AA0091
  • Registration Date: 08 September 2020
  • Armiger: Charles William Davenport of Baldwinsville, New York USA

* The following blazon and/or emblazonment are hereby Certified by the armiger listed, to be his/her original (or inherited/matriculated) Arms.

Category: American Armigers



Arms:  Azure, between two swords reversed Or a two-headed eagle displayed Argent beaked Or langued and membered Gules charged on the breast with five gouttes de sang, three and two; on a chief Argent, three wolves’ heads erased Sable each separated by three gouttes de sang in pale.

Crest:  Around a felon’s head couped at the shoulders and a rope around the neck a serpent reversed embowed biting his tail all Proper.

Motto:  Perseverantia Sapientia (persistance and wisdom)

Design Rationale:

Wolves are the armiger’s favorite animal and here the three wolves’ heads represent the wolves of the forests controlled by the ancient Davenports. Their heads are erased signifying eradication or removal from the forests; they also represent a fighting spirit and, because the heads are erased it signifies the armiger’s ability to control, or keep in check, that spirit (an important discipline in all martial arts). The wolves’ heads are separated by two sets of three gouttes de sang, or drops of blood, the first three drops representing blood, sweat and tears, and the second three representing the armiger’s bloodline, one for himself, one for his son, and one for his daughter.

The eagle upon the shield represents his Scottish Masonic Rite and it is charged on the breast with five gouttes de sang, or drops of blood, arranged three and two thus heraldically and symbolically hinting at the armiger’s 32nd degree rank within the Rite. They are also arranged in the form of a triangle. The eagle is between, or contained within, two swords which represent a fighting spirit and over two decades studying martial arts along with the physical and mental fights he has had to endure. Each sword is facing downwards signifying a position of peace but also defense readiness.

The crest is that of the ancient Davenport family representing their right to put to death felons in order to protect their jurisdiction of the forest but he is differenced by the addition of an Ouroboros surrounding his head; representing Life, Death, Rebirth, and Infinity. It also represents the challenges we make ourselves face and realize. Perhaps, because it surrounds the felon’s head, it might also represent the power, over life and death, the Davenport family held within their grasp.

The motto translates as persistence and wisdom.

Other Registration(s):

  • 20 May 2020: The International Register of Arms, Registration No. 0556 (Vol.4).

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