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About the Society of American Armigers

The idea for the society came about in early 2017 when Rick Kasparek and Mark Anthony Henderson began discussing the need for an efficient American heraldic registry. Their desire is to create a place where Americans can register their arms, but also discuss heraldry with other like-minded members.

The Society of American Armigers exists to:

  • Preserve...

    We intend to preserve the record of arms of any and all Americans who were granted, properly matriculated, or assumed armorial bearings. To this end we have registered "The Register of American Armigers" with the Library of Congress under ISSN: 2572-7605 (online).

  • Provide...

    We intend to provide a gathering place for discussion, guidance, free exchange of ideas and camaraderie through periodic newsletters, and via our Facebook page.

  • Assist...

    We also intend to provide assistance in researching arms, blazons, and history, as needed.

Original Grant of Arms

The United States does not have a granting authority, but you may wish to have arms granted for your use by the College of Arms in the U.K., the Lord Lyon of Scotland, the Chief Herald of Ireland or other Heraldic Authorities.

Matriculation of Ancestor's Arms

You can also have your ancestor's arms properly matriculated by contacting the granting authority in the country in which the arms were originally granted. This is the proper manner to use ancestor's arms.

Assuming Arms

You may wish to work with an experienced heraldic artist who can help you to divise original arms for you to assume. In this case, for Americans, the best protection for those arms is to have them listed in one or more heraldic registers (thus providing at least some indication of their first use).